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Live Entertainment At Its Best

Marat World Entertainment
we turn your party into life and your life into a party

Who We Are

Marat World Entertainment is a leader in the live entertainment business.  With over 20 years in the business MWE was founded on key principles of superior service and unforgettable productions.  As entertainers we astonish, mesmerize, and achieve the impossible to impress our clients.  As a sound and lighting company we achieve quality anywhere we work, be it a concert hall, a private event, a recording studio, or home entertainment.  We are your one stop entertainment shop for any event or occasion and we look forward to working with you. 

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Alex and Alissa
You transformed our wedding from "just another wedding" to a wedding which people cannot stop talking about. Our friends and family keep calling us to tell how incredible of a time they had. The wedding program you put together for us was truly one of a kind. It was funny, thoughtful and creative. The most important part is that we knew that we had nothing to worry at our wedding with you as our MC. We loved that you picked up on the small things during the wedding and adjusted to them with ease. It's hard to convey in words just how grateful we are to you. You truly made our wedding special and unforgettable for our friends and family.
Darya & Tolik

We have been meaning to call you and thank you for your emazing performance at our wedding. The wedding was a lot of fun and our family and friends really enjoyed it.  The equipment you brought with you (speakers and lighting) was very impressive.  Overal the wedding was fantastic, and you had a lot to do with. J


Thank you again,
Elina & Slava

Marat was the best MC anyone could have ever picked for our wedding! He is truly brilliant, an amazing entertainer and did the most amazing job during our June 2010 wedding. From the first moments of meeting him, he kept us laughing at Starbucks with all his interesting ideas and suggestions. And that did not stop as he helped guide us throughout the entire wedding process. He listened to exactly what we wanted, offered his personal suggestions and fulfilled all our wishes with his incredible performance, impeccable talent and charming personality! We'll never forget the way he sang his heart out during the times we met with him as well as our special day. There is no one better you can choose for than Marat World for your wedding because Marat and his partner live up to everyone's expectations and always manage to surpass them with their musical talents.To this day, we believe that our wedding would not have been as exciting, fun, emotional and memorable if it wasn't for Marat.

Taya & Yuri

Много ли у нас в жизни моментов, при воспоминании от которых, у нас сладко замирает в животе? Случается, правда? Особенно в юности... в состоянии влюбленности... ну... спазм такой... все знают, правда?  У меня это случается теперь часто... в ооочень зрелом возрасте..., когда я вспоминаю свадьбу моего брата и сына.  И не только потому, что это важнейшие события сами по себе, а ещё и потому, что провел их Марат Сидельский.Его великолепная команда высокопрофессиональна, работает “не за страх, а за совесть”. С первой встречи, каким-то волшебным образом, Марат становится членом Вашей семьи, вникает во все Ваши трудности, семейные мульки-дурки и старается угодить во всем. Он прекрасный актер, великолепный конферансье, замечательный певец, владеет совершенным чувством юмора и проведет Ваше торжество так, как, на мой взгляд, не сможет никто. Его музыкальный репертуар велик и разнообразен. Его идеи захлестывают Вас с головой и Вы мучительно стараетесь выбрать какую из них воплотить в жизнь… потому как они ВСЕ фантастически хороши… 

Diana & Andre

If you want to have an UNFORGETTABLE time on your special event,
If you want to have a lot of FUN,
If you want to see ALL invited people (adults and kids) are having a great time,
If you want to have a traditional (or non-traditional) Jewish wedding with Jewish songs, dances and traditions,
If you want to listen to great performer who sings his own and popular songs,
If you need a professional advise and see a professional job,
If you want to have a supper organize party,
If you want to see on your private party any Russian music  Star as well as American, 
If you want to get a new cool Friend,
Defiantly ...  Call Marat!!!

Elina & Vlad

"This June will be our 10-year wedding anniversary, and people still talk about our wedding! Marat took our ideas and vision, and created the most amazing event that we will never forget! It exceeded our wildest dreams, his talent and energy blew us away. All I can say is sometimes I wish we could do it all over again, it was the best night of our lives - thank you, Marat!"

Julia & Oleg

"Marat did our wedding this past May. He did an awesome job, making our wedding outstanding.The singing at the ceremony was extraordinary and very special. It was everything and more than we asked for. Thank you for everything. We will always remember our special day."

Igor Blumin

I just wanted to give a big thank you for making my 50th birthday in June so great. I haven't seen so many people having fun for the whole night in a long time. Anybody can spend a lot of money, and get good food, a good band, nice decorations. But you cannot buy a good time in the party; you cannot buy the love that travels through the air for that one special person. You made it a brilliant night, I honestly believe that my 50th birthday was the best party I have ever had in my life. Once again though, thank you for such a great sexual performance, (I have already recommended you to several people). You presented a phenomenal show, and you have amazing talent. Don't be surprised if you get more phone calls from me in the future! I wish you all the best. Until then!

Rich & Gabby

My husband and I got married in the Fall of 2010, and we couldn't have asked for a better MC! Marat was exciting, hysterically funny, and kept the party going all night long. He had so many ideas on ways to make our wedding different, from the beginning when he sang the Ha-motzi to the end with the fun new way we did the garter belt/bouquet toss. Marat worked with us to plan the events of our wedding so that we could maximize the amount of dancing and fun, and he truly did make it easy for us! We recommend him for any and all events where you want to get your guests up off their chair and having a good time! Thanks Marat, you're the absolute best!

Inna & Boris


You did such a wonder job on our wedding 15 years ago we still remember it as it was yesterday. You have a wonderful cense of humor. From young to old, people were laughing and enjoying their time at our wedding thanks to you. Can not imagine having a wedding without you. Thanks again. for all you did.

  • Alex and Alissa
  • Darya & Tolik
  • Elina & Slava
  • Taya & Yuri
  • Diana & Andre
  • Elina & Vlad
  • Julia & Oleg
  • Igor Blumin
  • Rich & Gabby
  • Inna & Boris